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If you are having a tough time or struggling in life, consider coming to Change Point Consultants. Let us help you discover ways to overcome and/or manage your feelings of frustration, isolation, depression, anxiety, impulsivity, moodiness, shyness, partner problems, grief, abuse, pain, cultural concerns, stress, physical illness, PTSD, parenting-family concerns, trauma, identity issues, and lack of confidence.

Most people seek therapy because there is a crisis in their lives and it has become more difficult to manage. Sometimes, there are long-standing and chronic stressors that are becoming less manageable and more symptomatic. Whatever your reason for seeking help, we are committed to helping you make those changes. Together, we will explore your strengths and abilities for living a satisfied life. 

We look forward to working with you! Please call us at 336.638.1619 to schedule your appointment.

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